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313ONELOVE is a book project by Berlin based photographer Marie Staggat.
The pages within this book capture some of the most influential techno and house artists from Detroit. It captures an array of interviews and some of their fondest memories of the time spent up close and very personal through the lens of her camera.
This book is not only a dedication through the clicks of her shutter, but is a charity project to support children of all ages who also share the same passion and love for music. With at least 120 artists captured in the most eloquent style as only Marie has captured at best. The close-ups and the definitive portraits of these artist’s hands and ears, that represent the “tools” necessary to create the music of these artists. Yes, It would have been simple to do full body shots or photos of them in front of the machines they work from, but capturing the foundation where music is mastered, “hands and ears,” is what makes this book more profound than others before this one. Detroit has been an inspiration for many music industries. House and Techno would not exist the way it does today had it not been for the artists portrayed within her book. Marie hopes that you too will enjoy the experience as you read the interviews, share in the memories, recite the poems, delight in the drawings and be inspired by the hand written “wise” saying as she was and still is.

Enjoy and thank you for supporting this project.

Love and respect

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